Safety and Security

To operate a passenger service New Zealand law requires individuals or companies to hold the appropriate transport service licence. This law encompasses and addresses such matters as;

  • An area knowledge certificate, demonstrating the driver’s ability to transit a city from point to point by the quickest and most efficient route.
  • A Police check where the driver is subject to scrutiny by law enforcement agencies. This determines that the driver is a fit and proper person to carry passengers and that his/her background is deemed appropriate to operate a hire service.
  • The ability to speak English in an easily and understood manner.
  • A driving test, no matter how long ago the driver’s previous test was conducted.
  • A medical check-up assessment.
  • A certificate from an approved “P” endorsement course establishment.
  • A valid Certificate of Fitness from an approved provider, which is required for all Passenger Service Vehicles. This must be less than six months old since the last inspection and is a requirement under New Zealand law.
  • Carriers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, together with Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance are an integral part of our “offering” providing our customers with additional peace of mind protection.

Upon passing the Government requirements a Passenger Service Licence can then be issued and the driver endorsed as a “P” operator permitted to carry passengers for hire or reward.

Obviously Raoul has been endorsed and carries a “P” endorsement on his licence.