I am consistently amazed by the time saving that the new Waterview Tunnel in Auckland produces for me as a professional driver. The Tunnel is 2.5k long with three lanes either way and saves me on average some 6/7 minutes on my to and from journeys from the airport or CBD. Previously a journey from the CBD would take me 35 to 40 minutes dependent on the time of day and traffic volumes. Even though it means increased mileage from the previous Route 12 scenario through inner city suburbs the time saving simply out-weighs this consideration. Another benefit is that now I don’t have to explain to overseas visitors why I am transferring them through the suburbs! Auckland must of been one of a very few International cities that did not have a motorway or freeway route directly to the city from the airport!

The Waterview Connection is a motorway section through west/central Auckland, New Zealand. It connects State Highway 20 in the south at Mt Roskill to State Highway 16 in the west at Point Chevalier, and is a part of the Western Ring Route.

The Waterview Connection is 4.5 km long, of which 2.5 km are in the form of twin tunnels. The Waterview Tunnel supersedes the Lyttelton Road Tunnel as New Zealand’s longest road tunnels. By 2026, the link is expected to carry 83,000 vehicles a day.

Waterview Tunnel